What to Expect

What Can I Expect On My First Visit?

You can expect to meet friendly people who are just like you and who are on the same life journey as you.
You will not be asked to do or say anything. You will not be singled out or have to stand up or wear a bow on your head or anything! You can come in anonymously and check us out privately.
There will be reserved parking close to the building for guests.

We will not require you to give up personal info or ask you for money!
What Is Worship Like?
Sundays at 10:45AM is our primary Worship Celebration.
Our worship is led by a praise band. We have a spirit-driven worship style that seamlessly blends new and old songs in order to help focus your worship on the lord Jesus.
The words to the songs are projected for easy readability. A worship guide is provided so you can record your own thoughts from the experience.
Sermons are Bible-based, practical, and easy to understand. We make the Bible come alive and make sense!
You never know what to expect during our worship time as the format stays fluid, fresh and fun.
Our Wednesday night gathering begins at 6:30PM and is more intimate. We have small group Bible Study for adults; AWANA for children; and LIFESAVERS for teenagers.
What Should I Wear?
We are casual. You can dress up if you like, but we are casual. You’ll find everything from dress pants to jeans to shorts; from open collar polo shirts to t-shirts to dress shirts; from leisure to corporate casual… that’s what most of us look like.
Child Care?
We have a great team of preschool workers who will care for and teach your little ones up through 4 years old. You are given a silent pager that will alert you if you are needed to return to the preschool area at any time.
5 Years – 5th grade start in the Worship Center with the family for a time of praise and then are dismissed to our exciting KidZONE. There they have a great time of learning, music, activities and surprises that help them learn about God’s Word at their own level and pace.
We encourage you to use our child care and KidZONE because it allows you to be free to pay attention and see what God has for you instead of worrying about a restless little one.
All of our workers are trained at various levels (skilled) and have completed background checks (screened) to ensure your little one’s safety and well-being.