Church Etiquette 4

We use 7 statements here at NCM to summarize ‘church etiquette’: DO NOT: disregard, disrespect, disrupt, distort, distract, distress, or disturb. Having previously dealt with the 1st three, today, we present # 4 on this list: Do Not Distort. This aspect of etiquette invokes, implies, and involves a number of Christian responsibilities. Not distorting when one is repeating (or reporting) a story (or a statement) is bigger than just ‘not stretching the truth’! Distorting occurs when one exaggerates, embellishes, effects, or edits the truth of a situation in any way. But ‘dishonesty’ (whatever the reason) is not the only way one distorts. To repeat or report something that isn’t true because one failed to receive (hear) it correctly, and/or failed to research whether it is true or not (verify) are 2 other ways to distort. For Example, most teaching that turns out to be false is not an intentional twisting of the truth, but is rather a simple mishandling of the Scripture [stemming from a failure to take the handling of Scripture seriously]. Thus, distortion does NOT revolve around one’s intentions!

So… whether it is through a failure, an oversight, an omission, an accident, or an intentional distorting of the facts (truth), the proper behavior of a Christian is to always attempt to avoid distorting! Anchor your beliefs… Amend your behavior… Analyze your banter… so everything is actually connected to and is accurately communicating TRUTH!

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